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Wikipedia is not and must not become the validating source for non-significant subjects. For example, the Moon landing conspiracy theories article may include material from reliable websites, movies, television specials, and books that are not peer reviewed. Such theoretical formulations may fail to explain some aspect of reality, but, should they succeed in doing so, will usually be rapidly accepted. Parity of sources may mean that certain fringe theories are only reliably and verifiably reported on, or criticized, in alternative venues from those that are typically considered reliable sources for scientific topics on Wikipedia. This is the principle of one-way linking for fringe theories.

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Body to body massage sex sexdating be However, there are at least two caveats: not every identified subject matter has its own academic specialization, and the opinion of a scholar whose expertise is in a different field should not be given undue weight. In-text attribution edit See also: In-text attribution and Assert facts, not opinions The careful use of sources is vital when writing about criticism of fringe theories. In general, Wikipedia should always give prominence to established lines of research found in reliable sources and present neutral descriptions of other claims with respect to their historical, scientific, and cultural prominence.
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body to body massage sex sexdating be

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